Truelove Family History in Australia

Henry Truelove and family in NSW. 1876 - 1915.

The following is an extract from a history of Henry by Joan Truelove of "Elmavale" Illabo NSW. Joan is the youngest daughter of Harry Truelove, Henry's eldest son.

For the next 10 - 15 years Henry continued to run the Hotel and bakery, and to farm his 136 acres (60 hectares) of land, but as the number of quarry and railway workers moved on, business declined. The growth of Illabo village around the school and railway station a mile and a quarter from the Billabong Hotel meant more loss of trade. The depression of the 1880s was being felt and times were hard. The Union Bank of Australia foreclosed in 1899 when Henry was 72 years of age and the property was sold to William Boyton in 1901.
Henry was one of some 100 citizens who, in 1885, signed a petition for the Incorporation of the Town of Junee.
In December 1889, Henry's wife Annie died. Eight years later in 1897 at the age of 70 he married Mary McGinley in Melbourne and for some time he and his wife Mary lived in Junee.
In the later years of his life he lived with his eldest son Harry at "Elmavale", Illabo. There he occupied himself while still active, gardening, laying out an extensive garden too ambitious for a non-existent water supply.
At the age of 88 years, Henry died in 1915 and was buried in the Junee cemetery.

Note: Henry Truelove was the last surviving immigrant of the Early 1800s.

Catherine (Kate) Truelove the eldest child of Henry and Annie, married Don McDonald and they lived in Junee. In the later years, after the death of her husband, Kate moved to live in Sydney with her only son Les and his wife Allie.

Sarah Ann Truelove, the second daughter, married an american Garfield Smith and for some years they lived in Junee. They had two daughters, Miysie and Pearl.

Harry Truelove, the eldest son of Henry and Annie, had his farm "Elmavale" at IIabo.

John (Jack Truelove) the second son also had business interests around Illabo until moving to Sydney in 1922.

Fred Truelove , the third son found employment with the public service.

Annie (Nell) Truelove the youngest child married John Jones, a schoolteacher, and after his retirement they lived in Sydney..

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