Truelove Family History in Australia

James Samuel Truelove. 1860 - 1957 Australia,

This is an overview of Jame's life. I am publishing some facts and some fiction.

James was born in Bidestone, Wiltshire, England in 1960 to William and Frances Truelove. His father William was the brother of Henry and and James Truelove who migrated to Australia in 1857. Henry owned a property in Melbourne and James stayed there for some time before moving to Sydney where he married Elizabeth Mchenry in 1885.
James Samuel and Elizabeth Truelove lived in Redfern, Sydney. He was a carter which fitted in with his history of a horse handler in England.
James Samuel appears to have left England as there were problems with horses (not his). It is conjecture that the brothers William, his father and Henry, his uncle arranged for him to move to Australia in 1883.
James Samuel and Elizabeth had 6 children with the last one, Frederick A F Truelove born in 1897. Elizabeth moved from Redfern to North Sydney in the period 1907 to 1909. By 1907 James Samuel and Elizabeth were estranged. Elizabeth had reported him to the police in Redfern for child maintenance and he had been charged and found guilty of offences in Redfern
In 1909 Albert Truelove appears as Elizabeth's child. There is another history page for Albert. In 1914 Fredrick Dudley Truelove appears as another child of Elizabeth followed by Harry Nelson Truelove in 1916. The 3 children have been adopted at birth by Elizabeth and were brought up by her as her children. Albert was not aware he was adopted until after 1933. Dudley and Nelson were probably made aware of their adoptions much later.
James Samuel Truelove disappears from all records in Sydney by 1908. James Truelove appears with the date of birth of 1860 and in 1912 marries Elsie Elizabeth Griffen.

Thats as much as I know about James Samuel Truelove. I have my suspicions about the fathering of Albert, Dudley and Nelson. Elisabeth undertook to bring the 3 boys up in difficult circumstances.

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