Truelove Family History in Australia

Welcome to the Truelove Families history in Australia,
or a part of it.

Many Trueloves have come to Australia. This is an overview of the first arrivals.

The first ones were William Truelove in 1817, James Truelove in 1819 as convicts to NSW and Charles Truelove to Victoria. As these three gentlemen do not appear to be related to any of us living Trueloves, my notes here are as far as it goes.
The first William Truelove arrived in Sydney on the convict ship Sir William Bensley in 1817.
The first James Truelove arrived in Sydney on the convict ship Baring in 1819. He received his Certificate of Freedom in 1825 and again in 1827. They did not leave any further traces.
Little is known of the first Charles in Victoria. He was born in London in 1810 and died in Melbourne in 1860.
A Mary Truelove was born in Melbourne in 1843, our first recorded birth in Australia. Her father was William Hughes.
Another Mary Truelove arrived in Adelaide in 1851.
Henry and James Truelove of Newport Paginall, Buckinghamshire arrived in Victoria in 1853.
John Truelove and his wife had a child Ellen in Moonabel Vic in 1861.
Jemima Truelove arrived in Sydney in 1871.
My paternal grandfather James Samuel Truelove migrated from London in 1883.
A James S Truelove arrived in Melbourne in 1883.
Ada Eliza Truelove was born in Melbourne in 1885. Her father was James Henry Brackett.
Charles St George Truelove of London arrived in Melbourne in 1897.
A W.T. Truelove and J. Truelove arrived in Melbourne in 1898.

Thats about it up until 1900. There are possible more arrivals than this. I have not checked Tasmania, Queensland, South & Western Australia.

If you do find this website, post your details and what you know of your antecedents and we will add or update a tree for you. Somewhere back there, we probably all came from the one original Truelove from England or even Normandy in 1066.
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