Truelove Family History

The original Trueloves in 1066 and all that.

Well there you go. I believed I had saved this really great website which had a great
detail about the origins of the Truelove surname. Seems its lost somewhere in all my bookmarks.
However it goes like this :
William the conqueror was fighting the saxons for control of that small damp island. If only he had heard about OZ we know were he would have headed. Hey!
In a battle some place this brave norman soldier gets between William and an attacking saxon and saves his life. Well William was real chuffed about this and asks the soldier's name. Our brave man says "Truelove". William thinks this is a bit sissy so makes the big statement, " hey there, from now on you're known as Ayers", which roughly translates in norman to shining light or give me space etc etc.
We do have an update on this story. Nick Truelove from Sydney and Illabo advises his Uncle Jim in his version of the story includes this information. The Truelove was a saxon who was fighting with the Normans. Hence the name change to a norman one. Put yourself in William's shoes, it wouldn't look good in the media of the day that he had been saved by a saxon. Has a better ring to it. I have had problems accepting some french ancestry, now I can relax a little.
So the first big mention in historical data gives us a name change. Might mean though they have it all wrong and that big red hill in the middle should be called Truelove Rock.
This new information has induced me to find a reference to the story. I did get the story wrong. Apologies to all those Eyerians out there.
Here is one link to the legend.   The geneanet genealogy website

Here is another link I have found in September 2019.    The Eyres of Derbyshire

If you do find this website, and have a better story about where it all stated, post your information of what you know of this story and we will add another urban myth or the truth for you. Use the email link below or go to and leave a message in the Webtrees page. Somewhere back there, we probably all did come from the one original Truelove from England or maybe even Normandy in 1066.

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