Truelove Family History. Graytown Victoria.
James Truelove, infant son of Henry and Ann Truelove was born and died in Gray Town Victoria in 1870. Henry is listed in the Town register as a baker and Ann as a housewife. The following is an extract from a local website. For further information the link is at the bottom of the page.
From the Spring Creek Cemetery records it is noted that Ellen is buried with James. The official records show Ellen was deceased in Sandhurst

Graytown is situated in the centre of Victoria (Mt Moormbool being the geographical centre) 22 Klm south west of Nagambie.
The Graytown Cemetery is situated on the north side of the Nagambie / Costerfield Road, along a graded forest road, just to the east of the old P.O.W. camp.
Spring Creek was the original name for Graytown........Gold being discovered in 1868 and for the next three years Graytown boasted a population of over 30,000 gold diggers!

On page one of Joyce Hammonds book - The Graytown Goldrush - she says:

"Spring Creek is still there - a small creek that proved to be a conquering giant - it gurgles victoriously over its win through the quiet de-populated forest, the scene of one of the richest goldfields.
But alas! During one unforgettable night in 1870, a sudden freak storm and heavy rain hit Graytown. Spring Creek joined with torrents of flood waters and neighbouring creeks to flood the many hundreds of deep mine shafts - some with gold mining tools left from the day before. Had the flood occurred in the daytime instead of at night, many hundreds of miners would have been drowned down in their shafts - the catastrophe of nature happened so quickly.
The great flood of 1870 finally reduced Graytown overnight to a "deserted village".

This History was extracted from The website was archived in 2013 by the Victoria Government. Details of the History and more importantly the goldfields cemeteries are archived and not obtainable. Gordon 2020.