Australian Truelove Family Notes 2019
Hi, My name is Gordon Truelove

I was born in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia in 1943. I am now 76 and living in retirement in Queensland. I have tens of projects to do before I die and doing the family history is one.
The original Australian website started in early 2004 and has come crashing down several times since. I have commenced construction on these Notes pages as there are lots of bits and pieces in files and abandoned webpages. They are not suitable as news items but need to be kept for research.
The links on the left will take you to all the othe flotsum and jetsum collected over the 16 years the websites have been here.
The links in the Family Links Tabs mostly don't work. They did 15 years ago.
I will add more here as the websites sort themselves out.

Gordon Truelove. Bundaberg Australia 17 August 2019