Truelove Family History in Australia

Henry and James Truelove in Victoria. 1853 - 1870s.

Henry and James Truelove of Newport Paginall, Buckinghamshire arrived in Victoria in 1853 on the sailing ship Athlone. They were bakers. They lived in Melbourne for some time before moving to the goldfields at Sandhurst Victoria (BENDIGO). Henry married Anna (Ann) (Annie) Hughes in 1856 at Sandhurst. James married Catherine Hughes in 1860 at Sandhurst. It appears the girls were not sisters as Catherine came out with her family in 1844 as a child aged 12. Ann is not listed as a sister.
Henry had 6 living children and James had one. They moved interstate to NSW in the late 1870s. Henry had a brief sojourn to Graytown, a new gold rush 50kms (30 miles) east of Sandhurst, where a son James was born and died. His sister Ellen is also buried there. Henry and family then returned to Sandhurst as noted in the birth notices of later children. The last child born in Victoria of Henry and Ann was Federick James in 1874.
In 1876 Henry, Ann and family moved to Cunjigong Creek (now known as Frampton) NSW.
The following is an extract from a history of Henry by Joan Truelove of "Elmavale" Illabo NSW. Joan is the youngest daughter of Harry Truelove, Henry's eldest son.

Henry Truelove was born in 1827 at Willanhall, Staffordshire, England. He came to Australia in 1851 at the age of 24 to spend 25 years in Victoria and later 39 years in NSW. For some 22 years he speculated in gold (making and losing a fortune, as the saying goes and operated a general store called the "BEEHIVE". The Beehive Centennial,
In 1854, at the age of 27, Henry married Annie Hughes daughter of William Hughes, a baker of Belfast in Northern Ireland and Katherine Hill. (Barney Hughes Biscuit Factory : wheat imported from Russia for his special biscuits !)
The Beehive Centennial. As the gold boom began to fade Henry and Annie sold the store and together with their young family came overland in 1876 by buggy and waggon to Cunjigong Creek, NSW.

James and Catherine Truelove married in Sandhurst in 1860. The first child James was born in 1861 and died in 1864. The living conditions in Sandhurst were very poor and child deaths from diarrhoea were very high.
Henry William was born in 1864 at Golden Square, Sandhurst.
A third Child James was born in 1867 in South Yarra, Melbourne but died the following year.
James Truelove died in 1876 in Gundagai NSW. He and his family made the move to NSW in 1874.
This transistion from the Victorian goldfields to the NSW ones was made by many miners and the supporting tradesmen. It occurred in the period 1860 -1890 as the Victorian goldfields were depleted and the first big world depression was felt in Australia.

Known Information.
Henry and James Truelove arrived on the Athlone in 1853.
They were born in Newport Paginall, Buckinghamshire.
Father  : Henry Truelove.
Mother :  Sarah Ann Reeve.
Henry was born about 1827. On his marriage certificate in 1856 he gives his age as 29 which makes his birth year 1827. It is on record that he was baptised on 05/01/1829.
James was born about 1832. On the birth certificate of his first son in1861 he gives his age as 29. He was baptised on 22/06/1932.
Catherine Hughes aged 12 arrived with her family aboard the Sea Queen in 1844.
Catherine was born about 1842 in Belfast, Ireland.
Father  : William     aged 46.
Mother :  Elizabeth aged 44.
Sister  :  Elizabeth  aged 9.
Brother : Joseph     aged 6.
Catherine's age on the birth certificate of her first son born 1861 is 19 yrs.

Anna Hughes was born about 1836 in Anterim, Belfast Ireland.
Father : William Hughes.
Mother: Catherine Grahaiffe.
Anna's age on her marriage certificate in 1856 is 20. Her age on the birth certificate of her son James, born 1870 is 33.
The closest immigration record I have found is Ann Hughes aged 18 in 1852 on the Miltiades.

Joan Truelove's History puts some of this information into contention.
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